Process with photography and video clients in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

Business Photography and Videography produce high end commercial photography and videos through a personalised approach and attention to detail

About us

Our approach

We treat every client individually, crafting an approach that will suit their specific needs and goals. We focus on attention to detail and smooth large contract management. We do whatever it takes to deliver first class photography and video.


The Process

A tailored approach to photography and video production.

While each project is different we generally follow this process:



Our team will skillfully guide you towards your own powerful images and video, by crafting the right brief to suit your goals.


We'll work with you to ensure shoots run smoothly. This involves managing people, looks, scripts, sets and logistics, whilst keeping interruptions in your place of work to a minimum.


Our technical team will reinforce your visual story by using cutting edge equipment and technology to shoot, edit and produce your images and videos.


We provide cloud based file storage so you've always got easy access to your images and videos. We also provide training for businesses that want to produce their photography and videos in house. 


What differentiates us

We minimise the worry and stress related to photography and video production by being extremely customer focused. We strive to make projects successful, educational, and fun.


Passionate about your story

We're passionate about telling stories through the photography and videos we shoot. We're passionate about bringing brands and products to life. We make your story powerful, attractive and meaningful.


Creating an emotional connection

The quality of your images and videos dictates the value people place on your business, products or services. The majority of your customers have gone online. Today more and more people must buy a product or service without physically seeing it. We shoot high quality pictures and videos that create the emotional connection between the potential client, and the product or service. This emotional connection is an important ingredient in the decision they make to take positive action.


Multiple usage licenses

Unlike most traditional photographers, we grant multiple usage licenses. We don't retain copyright, so you can use your images and videos, again and again, for no additional cost.