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Can you show me your credentials please?

Identity check!

Identity check!

Can you show me your Google+ credentials please?

Every day, if your marketing presence is active, people will be examining your credentials and they will be asking you certain questions to quality your credentials. 

They will examine you very quickly according to their preconceived ideas of what you need to show them. Herein lies the key, it is their preconceptions you have to meet, not your own.

One of the fundamental questions you are going to get asked by potential customers everyday is this one.

So who are you exactly on Google+? 

This question is often very poorly answered and removes the trust that transactions are founded on as we discussed in our previous blog:

 Creating Circles Of Trust 

People do not buy from those they do not have a reason to trust and they do not trust people they do not know.  

What are my credentials?

Your credentials are your images, videos, posts, blogs and anything else you put out into the social sphere of the internet.

They are the dress code you adopt, the social mannerisms you display and the communication you engage in. 

Your Social Presence on-line and how you present it is your credentials, particularly on Google+.

So what type of credentials do I need? 

The answer to that, is dependent on the needs of those that are potentially going to buy from you.

They decide what type of credentials you need, match that and you now have created the first step of trust.

Appearance is everything, dress to impress your potential clients, wear the right clothes, talk the right language and behave the way they expect you to with honesty and integrity.

So how do I check my credentials?

Ask those who would typically examine you, (no, this does not include your Mum)... 

One way is to go into a community of potential clients and ask them to examine your credentials, then filter out the arbitrary opinions and change your dress code, mannerisms and behaviour to reflect what they expect. 

Another way is to ask us, we are happy to give your presence the once over for you, or find someone else who helps businesses find credibility on Google+. 

Examples of typical bad credentials and what they tell others:

  1. Run and gun link dropping with no commentary - when you do this, you appear like someone who is not interested in conversation.
  2. Lack of response to questions and comments - you haven't got time to look after potential clients.
  3. Inappropriate sharing of content that others might find offensive - you care little for the opinions of others.
  4. Poor quality photography - you are not successful enough to hire a decent photographer.
  5. Low quality video - you cannot afford to look good, so you did it yourself.
  6. DIY Websites - you don't value your company enough to dress it up properly.

Credentials are expensive and hard work!

Yes they are, but if you do not invest in your business and your online credentials, then others will pick up on that in an instant and you will lose money because your credentials do not check out.

So take the time to invest in your credentials and reap the rewards.