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Google+ Business Package for high search rankings

  • Get found on Google
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Take control of your marketing

There's a Google earthquake brewing that is affecting your presence on the internet.

Search is changing. We are not talking a about minor change in search, we are talking a seismic change to search.

We offer a Google+ business package that helps you get the most out of these changes.

 We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to makes things clearer.

If I want to perform in search, are links important?
In the past, your website would have gained traffic through Search Engine Optimisation. In it's simplest form this measured how many quality links you had to your website. Legitimate and illegitimate links could be built.

Google don’t like this. They want websites to gain rankings by being popular, not by being manipulated. So Google are evolving and changing what they measure. In Google's eyes, old fashioned links are diminishing in importance.

What are social interactions?
Google are now 
measuring the quality of a business based on the social interactions it generates. When an individual engages with your business, it is regarded as social interaction.

For high performance in search, the key is to create good social interaction with potential customers and your business. This cannot be faked. It has to be real.

Does any social platform count?
Google want to see this authentic social interaction on their platform, Google+. Increasingly, Google will measure your
 business presence by the quality of its social media presence on Google+.

How much traffic is going to Google+?
Google accounts for 89% of the search traffic in the UK, and they are driving that traffic to Google+ at every opportunity. 

Google control all the traffic on YouTube, with its over one billion monthly users. YouTube is the largest video sharing site in the world, and yes, you guessed it, Google are driving that traffic to Google+, whenever they can.

Google also control all the traffic on Google Maps, the largest and most popular maps resource in the world. This traffic is also now being driven to Google+. 

Gmail, Google Drive and Google Hangouts are also connected to Google+. 

Add all of that up and you now have the most focused driving of search traffic ever seen on the internet - all to Google+.

How will the Google+ Business Package help me?

Our Google+ Business Package will:

  • Enable your customer to find you.
  • Make you look good when you are found.
  • Enable you to market your business for free.

This package will set your business up on Google+ and connect it to all of the following channels:

  • Google Search
  • Google Local
  • Google Maps
  • YouTube

This package will increase your search rankings as you add content that customers like to Google+.

Do you have a new product or service you want the world to know about? Post it on Google+ and it is indexed instantly by Google.

As people read the post and +1 it (like it), the greater weight it will have in search.

Google+ will enable you to open up new channels of communication for your business and will help you capture your potential customer’s attention, and keep it.

Is it complex to set up Google+ effectively?
Yes. The process to set your business up on all these communication channels is very complex.

This package has been created for those business owners that value their time and recognise the value of using external expertise to perform time consuming, professional and complex tasks.

We are specialists in the set up of Google+ and its related services for businesses.

This is a unique product supplied by Business Photography and Videography, designed for Businesses that want to engage with Google search.

So what exactly do I get supplied with the Google+ Business Package?

  • Set-up of Google+ business pages
  • Three months technical support
  • Set-up of YouTube company channel 
  • Google local page integration
  • 10 commercial quality images for Google+ and your business use
  • Commercial business story video for your YouTube channel
  • Google Business Photos 360 Degree Tour* for Google Maps
  • Access to the complete suite of Google+ products*
  • Social media links that drives traffic to your website from Google+
  • And lots more...

Are their any additional benefits from the Google+ Business Package?
Yes, lots and lots!

                            • Access to Google Analytics from within the Google+ Local Dashboard - track all your traffic and see where it is coming from
                            • Access to Google Calendar - schedule and set up appointments and meetings from anywhere
                            • Free image hosting through Google+ images
                            • Business linked YouTube Channel
                            • Access to Google Drive and Google Docs - share and produce documents from anywhere, and save them in the Cloud
                            • Access to Google Hangouts - hold conferences with up to 10 clients at a time
                            • Access to Google Groups - start your own forum for free
                            • Setup a free website with Google sites
                            • Fully integrated with your mobile device - track your business from anywhere
                            • Free Gmail Account for your business
                            • Market to B2B and B2C - Facebook is used well for B2C, LinkedIn is used well for Google+ targets both well - separate B2B and B2C customers using Google+ Circles
                            • Perform split marketing tests with Google+ circles
                            • Manage your Google advertising from your dashboard and target Local, Maps, Adwords and Google+ users
                            • Full integration with Mailchimp, Salesforce, Insightly and many other third party Apps
                            • Access to Google Business Apps (paid for service) for your whole team - enables remote project collaboration
                            • And much much more...

                            What do I do next?
                            Contact us to arrange a no obligation audit of your Google+ Business presence.



                            Google shows key information when people search for your business

                            Come up for searches which include a keyword, such as "Entertainment, Accommodation or Restaurant" and a location, such as "Peterborough, Stamford or Cambridge"