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Ever felt like the invisible man?

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Sometimes in business it can feel like you are totally invisible. 

You know your product is good, you know your customers are out there but they can't seem to find you.

You have tried various different marketing methods, but nothing seems to work. You keep spending money on this idea or that idea, but you still seem invisible. 

You are not connecting with your potential customer base who want your product, you are in the market and have the product they want, but you cannot seem to bring the two together. 

They are looking for your product on the internet in the vast majority of cases, and that brings you face to face with Google who have 89% of all the UK search traffic. If you want be visible you have to engage with Google. 



I don't want to be invisible, so I need to shout about my business on the internet, right? 


Typically traditional marketing involves shouting at or interrupting your "suspects" (unidentified general population) as loudly as you can through a megaphone.

A megaphone is any device that transmits a lot of noise, allows your "voice" to dominate and tends to be expensive. 

Some examples of traditional "megaphone" marketing are: 

  • Google Adwords
  • TV / Radio advertising
  • Newspaper / magazine articles
  • Yellow pages listings
  • Billboard advertising
  • Telesales
  • Leaflet distribution

The problem with all these is that you are basically "SHOUTING" at everyone around you, hoping that someone may hear what you are saying in the midst of all the noise and so is your competition and everyone else out there.

But your potential customer has learned to switch off all that noise, they hear so much of it, that they are just not interested.

So that means changing tactics, and the thing to do is to learn to listen to your potential customers, they are on Google and are crying out for a business like yours to help them. How does the song go? "Help, I need somebody..."


How does my business become the "somebody"?

What if you was the "somebody" in your sector that decided to stop shouting and start listening?

What if you were the one that could hear the quiet voice that is calling for attention amidst all the noise? 

You would become very popular all of a sudden. So if this is going to be the case, then you have to first of all stop "transmitting" and wasting money on it.

You have to switch from transmitting to "receiving", you have to reverse the function of the satellite and learn to listen out for signs of intelligence.

To switch to receiving, is often a difficult process for a business as it usually has no idea where to start. But search has changed and if you want to stay relevant, then you have to change to match search.

You have to learn how to listen to your potential clients, you have to be conscious of their needs and have a strategy in place that captures their questions when they start transmitting. You do this by making sure your presence is an "expert" presence, both in appearance and engagement. 


Why do I need Google+ for this?

When a potential client wants help, they will use Google who will guide them, they currently guide 89% of all the queries on the internet in the UK and they decide who gets to answer them, whether it be your business or your competitors business.

So you need to understand how and whom Google chooses to answer those questions that your potential client is asking. 

And this is where Google+ comes in, Google+ when used correctly, is the satellite receiver your business needs.

Google has designed Google+ from the ground up and continue to develop it to enable this functionality, this ability to track and engage with your potential customer base.

If you do not want to be the invisible man in your sector then you have to have a quality presence on Google+ 

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Can we help you?

We can set you up on Google+ and train you so that your business is the one that intercepts the customers signal.

We do this through our Google+ Business Package. This package sets your business up on Google+, creates content that gives you credibility in the marketplace and shows you how to intercept the signals that can turn into sales. We will also train you how to use your new shiny Google+ satellite.

We offer a free Google+ Business Audit which looks at the health of your Google presence and determines the exact steps you need to take to build your own personal satellite dish. 

If you would like a free Google+ Business Audit and a discussion on how our Google+ Business Package can help you to connect to your potential clients then drop us a line or give us a call:

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