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Cloud Based Brain Power...

Increasing your Business Brain Power.

Cloud Based Brain Power

Cloud Based Brain Power

One of the typical ways that a business would have increased its Brain Power in the past, would be paying for Brain Power, either by direct employment of individuals or by hiring in a consultant.

The more brains you added to your organisation, the greater its problem solving and creativity capacity grew.

The more creativity, the better the product and service, the better the product and service the better the sales, you get the idea.


Small Businesses and problems with Brain Power.

There are usually two factors that stop Brain Power from exponentially increasing in a small organisation. 

1. The owner of the business does not use anyone else's Brain Power, they don't like to share the teddy bear.

2. The business cannot afford to employ more brain power, they barely make enough to survive on. 

These two factors alone would disable the exponential increase of Brain Power in the past, there is not a lot you can do about the first other than letting go of the teddy bear, but the second, what if you could do something about that?


What if I my Small Business could access Cloud Based Brain Power - for free?

Imagine that, imagine having access to Cloud Based Brain Power?

Where you could plug in for ideas and inspiration, or find help and support when challenges arose. What if you could get instant feedback on a new product that you launched.

Here is a thought, what if you could get help marketing your business for free from the Cloud Based Brain Power? 

Well now you can...


Cloud Based Brain Power is here!

It can be found on Google+, specifically in Google+ Communities. 

Tucked away in these communities is levels of brain power your business could never afford to buy. Years of experience and depths of expertise you could only dream of buying in.

Thousands and thousands of brains for you to connect to, covering every business need you might imagine. 


How do I connect? 

Find a community or communities that have businesses that share things in common with you. Do not join too many, but find  3 or 4 good quality ones to start with.

Look for the helpful communities, some Google+ communities have doormen that seem to be pointing shotguns at you as you try to walk in, walk on by.

Read the rules of the community you decide to join, communities get very upset when you don't and start breaking their rules, ask me how I know... 

Take time to get to know the people in that community, listen to them as well as talk to them... 


How do I access the Brain Cloud once I am in a community? 

You first have to plug your own Brain Power into the Brain Cloud.

If you are willing to plug your Brain in so that others can use it on a regular basis, they will also share their Brain Power with you. 

That is the first step, make your Brain available, share what you know, help, support and encourage others. Help them grow their business and when they see you doing that, they will start to help you grow yours.

If you do not make your Brain Power available,  your Brain Cloud will never work, this is so important that it is one of the fundamental laws of social interaction: 

"Cast your bread upon the waters, for you will find it after many days."


Building your Brain Cloud with quality connections.

Once you start connecting, look for those individuals who have also plugged in their Brain Power and are looking to build a Brain Cloud. You will recognise them quickly because they are nearly always there to answer questions quickly.

Create a ranking system so you can keep track of the contributors in your brain cloud and how much they are helping others. Those that engage often, move them up, those that tail off, move them down the rankings (this can be done simply in circles).


Don't chase the Superstars. 

Do not try to build your Brain Cloud with the superstars of the community straight away, form strategic alliances with others that are like you and in the Brain Cloud building stage. 

Eventually the Superstars will invite you into their Brain Cloud when they see you are genuine and offering quality contributions.

The Superstars have lots of people around them all the time that are trying to get their attention, don't be one of the autograph hunters, the Superstars are human just like you and maintaining your own dignity and credibility is important.


The Great Brain Cloud Robbery...

Many new businesses when they join communities commit the most basic of crimes, they join so that they can rob the Brain Cloud.

Don't do it, you are there to form a Brain Cloud community, not hack into it and take what you want from it. Ask others what you can do for their businesses, not what they can do for yours... 


Enjoy your Brain Cloud.

Once you have built up your network, enjoy it, maintain it, continue to support and create strategies that allow you to keep it healthy. 

A Brain Cloud is only as viable as your connection and the amount of input you put into it. Have fun building your business with your new huge Brain Cloud and most of all, enjoy it!