Commercial video services and production in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

Business Photography and Videography produce promotional, instructional, testimonial, and training videos that will enhance your business message


Commercial videos

Based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

Whatever type of video your business needs, we'll help transform your ideas into a reality, helping you capture your audiences attention quickly. High end video production is meticulously detailed in terms of script management, creative direction, and production. Our team will support you through planning, creative ideas, logistics, project management, filming and post production.

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Example videos

View our videos to get an idea of the kind of videos we produce. We can tailor video styles and content to suit your specific needs. 

As well as shooting, editing and producing the video, our expert team can support you with planning, story boarding, script writing, set design and logistics management. Talk to the Business Photography & Videography team about your most basic video ideas and they can work with you to bring it to life on time and in budget. 

Some of the types of video production we offer:

Storytelling videos

Videos are a great tool to bring your brand to life. Today, people buy into brands because of what they believe, stand for, and strive for. Use storytelling videos to reach out and engage with your audience.


Demonstration videos

A visual presentation that uses multiple senses can help customers grasp specific methods and messages more easily. A well produced demonstration video can include text, images, sound and movement to communicate key messages.


Training videos

Enhancing your written training material with video content will help your audience learn more effectively.  For example, you could train people how to use technical products or amplify your induction training messages.

Promotional videos

You can use promotional videos to raise awareness, inform and inspire your audience. Promote your business, products, services or events in a way that matches your brand style and communicates with ease.

Testimonial videos

These are a great way to prove your business worth. A video testimonial will outshine a written testimonial because it is more engaging and your client has taken time out to create it. Use case study videos to show how your add value to your clients.